Frequently Asked Questions

All campers must be between the ages of those entering 8th grade and seniors to be in high school. High school graduates are NOT allowed to attend due to NCAA rules. Campers will be matched up against and with other campers of the same age and grade level.

Those campers who come individually (as most are) will be combined to form their own team during passing league so that everyone can enjoy the team experience.

First and foremost … read the FAQs. Over the years we’ve accumulated the most asked questions. Secondly email us via “Contact Us” form. You will get the fastest response from email versus leaving a message on voicemail. Typically emails will get a response within 12 hours or less.

No. The MPA will choose all roommates for all campers. Campers will be paired with others of similar age. We find that this allows for campers to make more friends and it assists us with discipline and structure in the dormitories. To be fair, there are no exceptions.

Yes! We will always do our best to group players coming from the same school together. However, our teams are also determined by grade, and under no circumstances will a player move up a level. If players would like to move down, we will allow it.

All overnight campers must provide their own bedding; sleeping bags are recommended. Rooms include a bed and mattress for each camper, but you must provide your own towels, wash cloths, and any other toiletries.

We recommend that you do NOT bring anything of value (jewelry, radios, substantial amounts of cash, TVs, etc.). We cannot vouch for everyone who attends camp. Everyone must be vigilant regarding security and safety. That means always lock your door and put your name on everything.

Yes. But you should bring your own laundry detergent and change to operate the machines.

We group teams and dorm assignments according to what grade you will be entering in the fall of after the MPA is complete. Please do not enter your current grade, but only the grade you’ll be entering.

Please see our Directions to Camp page for driving directions. We also offer an Airport Shuttle that runs to/from the airport to campus.

Yes! Archie, Cooper, Peyton, and Eli are the first to arrive and the last to leave. They live right on campus with the campers and eat in the same dining hall. They will all actively oversee a staff of more than 120 coaches and 40 administrations (maintaining a camper-to-coach ratio of 10:1).

No. Although celebrities attend the MPA, this is not a celebrity camp. The Manning Passing Academy prides itself on being a “working” football camp. The focus of our staff is to improve each camper’s skills so that they leave camp a better football player than when they arrived. Autographs can become a sideshow and we ask all campers and staff (and spectators) to refrain from making autograph requests.

No. The camp is only available to campers entering grades 8-12 and who have not yet graduated high school.

Yes. All campers must be covered by insurance to attend the camp. You CANNOT attend without it. If you do not have insurance you should ask your high school coach what options may exist. In addition a parental or guardian release is required for all campers. Please see the Medical Information page for full details.

No. Medical insurance and a Waiver Release is all that is required.

All campers will receive an automatic confirmation email after their application is processed. Because this is an automated email, they sometimes get caught by SPAM filters. Due to this, we also offer a Confirmation Page for Camp Registration and Shuttle Service.

There is an Airport Shuttle (offered by a private company) that is available to transport campers to/from New Orleans International Airport (MSY) on the first day of camp (Thursday) and then back to the airport on the last day of camp (Sunday). The Airport Hilton across the street from the New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is the base for the shuttle. Staff members will meet your camper at the luggage carousel when they arrive. Sorry we cannot provide transportation to/from the bus or train station. However, they can take a taxi to the Airport Hilton in Kenner and catch the Airport Shuttle. See our link to the Shuttle Transportation.

No. Other than cleats and a mouthpiece, there are no equipment requirements at the MPA.

Absolutely. Spectators are always welcome to watch all practices and 7 on 7 drills … as long as they stay outside of the security barriers (re: insurance liability).

Sorry they cannot. We want to make sure that campers interact with speakers without feeling self-conscious because adults are in the room and there is no room to accommodate both campers and parents anyway.

The local Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce offers a link to local accommodations. See Local Accommodations. Sorry but the MPA is not in a position to provide accommodations or recommend any properties.

You would get all of your money back except the non-refundable $100 deposit. The camp hires a large number of coaches to provide instruction based on expected attendance. The reason is when you cancel, we still have to compensate the coaches we’ve hired.

It depends upon the condition. If you have dietary requirements you should email us as soon as possible so we can discuss the situation with the dining hall. Most (if not all) situations are remedied to the satisfaction of the camper. If you need to take medication (or it needs to be refrigerated) you should consult with our medical staff during check-in. They are available at the front of the line. Understand, it is your responsibility to address these concerns upon arrival so that we can assist you.

Due to the fact that there is so much movement in the football coaching profession, we are unable to provide a list of staff members until camp and represent all levels of football (professional, college and high school). Rest assured they will always be of the highest quality available.