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The Manning Passing Academy conducts evening speaker sessions that are headlined by professionals who will teach our campers that life is more than just the fundamentals they need to know on the football field. We provide sessions on character building, academics and the myriad issues surrounding their health in the demanding sport of football. It is important to us that high school athletes know that a college degree will get them further in life than just football by itself. But they can use football to help them achieve goals that might otherwise not exist. Throughout the camp we hope to instill habits, discipline and structure that our campers can use throughout their life regardless of when their football careers end. The camp’s highly-structured daily schedule and regimen is always topped off with our evening speaker sessions that are intended to impart the importance of education and teamwork and convey that the most successful athlete should also embrace an even balance of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being


pro player roundtable

This must see forum is presented by our in-residence NFL players and coaches who will provide a unique insight what benefits can received and what sacrifices must be made to make it to the professional level. And also the harsh reality of how few actually make it to that level which truly reveals how important a college degree is.

Everything you wanted to know about college football but were afraid to ask. The Colloquium has traditionally been the camper’s favorite seminar. Eldest son Cooper Manning emcees a panel of accomplished college football players and conducts an interactive question and answer session between the high school athletes and the collegians.

Cooper’s College Colloquium

NCAA Initial Eligibility Seminar

Staff members from the NCAA conduct seminars geared towards educating high school football players who intend to continue participating as players in the college ranks. They share the core courses they must take and the resources that the NCAA makes available to assist them in achieving that goal.

The TRMC will provide highly qualified medical personnel who will instruct our campers on the potential injuries that exist in the game of football and what to look for. Everything from concussions, shoulder injuries, bacterial infections, and more will be covered during this session. The TRMC also provides the certified trainers that tend to our campers on a daily basis and is located adjacent to our practice fields.

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center Forum

Gatorade Nutritional Session

The MPA’s longest standing partner wants to ensure that our campers are fully prepared for the rigors of camp and the upcoming football season. Towards that end their professional staff will discuss sports nutrition myths and facts and also the foods and fluids that are important to help fuel your body and help you stay healthy and allow you the opportunity for the greatest success.

Absolutely no parents or adults allowed!

All evening speaker sessions are provided to the campers only.

Preparation is Key to Success

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