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Media Information

We hope this page will assist media members and answer questions concerning the 2019Manning Passing Academy held on the campus of Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La. on June 27-30. Please read the following information and guidelines below:

MEDIA CONTACT - Gregory Blackwell

Members of the media that cover the Manning Passing Academy must adhere to its guidelines. There are two events in addition to covering the daily practice sessions which the media is invited to cover. NO AUTOGRAPHS.

Annual Manning Interview Session

Friday - 11:10-11:45 a.m. - Guidry Stadium's Century Room\ This is the media's only opportunity to interview the Manning's as well as selected camp coaches and counselors at camp.

Quarterback Competitions

Saturday - 6:30 p.m. - Guidry Stadium - Manning Field Camp coaches and counselors, including selected campers, will run passing route drills. Photo Opportunity Only. No interviews with coaches, counselors or campers.

Credential Information

Media members wishing to cover the camp and/or the Manning Interview Session and Challenge Competitions would need to be put on a list and have a credential issued. Please contact Gregory Blackwell by email, no later than the Tuesday before camp starts if you will be attending and/or will be sending other members from your organization.

The Manning Passing Academy is a prep football skills camp and not an college or NFL-type training camp, so we do not offer daily media briefings, notes, quotes, etc. Our camp directors, administrators, coaches, counselors and campers are not obligated to participate in any interviews. If you do have an interview request with someone associated with the camp, please submit it to my attention via email and I will do my best to accommodate the request.

Credential Distribution

Credentials must be worn at all times while on campus, practice fields and Guidry Stadium.

Media Guidelines

Manning Interview Session

There will be one authorized interview session for the media to interview the Manning Family as well as selected camp administrators, coaches and counselors that were requested in advance and the interviewee has agreed to attend.

The session will be from 11:10 am to 11:45 am on Friday in the Century Club Room underneath the stands, parking lot entrance side at Guidry Stadium.

This will be the only opportunity to interview the Manning Family during camp. The interview procedure is as follows:

Quarterback Competitions

There will be a photo opportunity for the media during the QB Competitions on Saturday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at Guidry Stadium. Camp coaches and counselors, including selected campers, will run passing route drills in front of campers and those in attendance at Guidry Stadium that day. It's a PHOTO OPPORTUNITY ONLY, NO INTERVIEWS. Media Photographers can shoot in the stands and/or in the specific designated area on the sidelines of the field during this event.

Special Interview Requests

Individual interviews with camp coaches, counselors and administrators may be requested though me, but the final approval will be made by the individual, camp counselor, coach or administrator. I will try to accommodate your needs, but cannot guarantee an interview. We will have notable coaches and counselors from the NFL, Division I football conferences, and other conferences as well as former college and professional players.

Field Etiquite

Media members, that were issued a credential, may watch and shoot footage in designated areas inside the fence of the practice complex (fields) and inside the area between the fields. Please do not disrupt campers or coaches/counselors during this time. In no way are any members of the media allowed inside the white playing lines of any practice field (unless personally escorted by me). No media will be allowed in the dorms or dining facility. You MUST have a credential to get through security and inside the practice fields gates. Please be patient with security.

Media Daily Schedule

Below is a brief daily schedule that will assist with your scheduling and coverage of camp.


Time Event Location
12:00 - 2:00 PM Credential Pick-up Stopher Gym
1:00 - 3:00 PM Camper Check-In Stopher Gym
7:00 PM Speed & Performance Seminar Guidry Stadium


Time Event Location
8:45 AM Morning Practice Football Fields
9:30 AM Credential Pick-Up Outside Century Room, Guidry Stadium
11:10 AM Manning Interview Session Century Room, Guidry Stadium
2:00 PM Afternoon Practice Football Fields
6:30 PM Evening Passing League Football Fields


Time Event Location
8:45 AM Morning Practice Football Fields
2:00 PM Afternoon Practice Football Fields
6:00 PM Iberia Bank Air-It-Out
Papa John's QB Challenge
QB Dead-Eye Contest
Guidry Stadium


Time Event Location
9:00 AM Final Practice Football Fields
11:00 AM Closing Remarks - Camp Ends Guidry Stadium