Teams & Group Rates

We welcome and encourage coaches who want to bring the offensive skill players on their teams. You will have the opportunity to have your squad practice together during passing league competition in the evenings.

The Manning Passing Academy is now offering an opportunity for high school teams to participate as a team at the MPA at a reduced tuition rate based and calculated on the number of players who attend. The more players a high school team brings the less you pay. The Head Coach will also have the opportunity to oversee and coach his team’s 7 on 7 sessions and will be employed as a member of the MPA Staff as a position coach during individual periods.

This is also a great opportunity for high school coaches to interact with their peers, network with college and professional coaches and players and learn the basic fundamental skills and techniques needed to coach their players to perform at the highest level at the offensive skill positions of WR, TE, RB and QB.

In order to register as a “TEAM” the Head Football Coach or high school Athletic Director must communicate directly with the MPA Camp Office.

Online registration is not available for teams.

Team Rates:

Overnight camper team rates:

Day camper team rates:

Note: Some campers would prefer to play at a higher grade-level than the one they are in. The MPA cannot assess the skill level of a player relative to campers of a different grade-level during camp. Therefore, a camper will NOT be allowed to move up. However, if a camper feels that they should be in a lower level, due to ability, experience, or because younger teammates are in attendance, we will allow it.