My son came home from football practice today and his coach commented how much he improved since attending your camp.

– M.A., Tupelo, MS

Great Experience, can’t wait till next year!

– E.A., Reno, NV

Because of your efforts … your camp’s efforts … and the programs you run … my sons that attended the camp are in college or going to college this coming year and playing football!

– B.F., Grapevine, TX

Thank you for providing such an outstanding program. We are home in Canada now and my son is still talking about all he learned and how much fun it was!

– S.P., Alberta, Canada

My son plays the QB position and he was very complimentary to all who coached him there. Since returning home I have seen much improvement in his techniques. I truly believe that my son is a better athlete and all around person from attending the MPA.

– B.A., Saint Joseph, MO

The coaches say things that are so direct and make sense. It's easy to improve.

– T.V., Arlington, WA

The MPA surpasses any other camp I have ever been to.

– Z.C., Dayton, TX

It was a great learning experience.

– B.W., Raleigh, NC

The MPA is the most amazing camp I have ever attended.

– S.T., Bristol, CT

Simply… the best.

– H.E., Portland, OR

The coaches take it very seriously.

– Z.H., Fairview, IN

It's more organized and more hands-on than any camp I have ever attended.

– N.P., Rayne, LA

More direct and to-the-point. They cover everything.

– J.H., Albany, OR

I learned how to know my limitations and to work towards the highest level possible.

– S.D., Lakeland, FL

It exceeded my expectations.

– Z.W., Farmington, NM


– K.W., Miami, FL

A billion times better than any camp I have ever attended.

– J.D., Abbeville, LA

The MPA is intense. It taught me how to prepare for the future.

– J.S., Memphis, TN

It is the premier camp in the nation.

– C.L., Westbrook, ME

One of the best learning experiences I have ever had.

– K.J., Madisonville, KY

Nothing like it!

– J.H., Sacramento, CA

It blows other camps out of the frame.

– B.H., Phoenix, AZ

There is no camp that compares to the MPA.

– D.S., Littleton, CO

It is head and shoulders above any other camp in the nation.

– D.C., New Orleans, LA


– D.B., Quincy, MA

The best there is… there is no comparison.

– G.S., Lexington, KY

I learned how to open my shoulders and see more of the field.

– A.S., Marshfield, MA

The MPA doesn't compare to other camps… it's far better.

– S.P., DeRidder, LA

It's miles above the others.

– J.T., Pulham, AL

It's the best.

– R.S., Friendswood, TX

The MPA is the most organized camp I have ever attended.

– L.M., Madison, AL