NSU in Thibodaux, LA


June 25 - 28, 2020


8th - 12th Grade


Before we fill up!

2020 Manning Passing Academy

The premier offensive football skills camp for QBs, WRs, RBs, and TEs.

For almost four decades the Manning family and the quarterback position have been practically synonymous with one another. As such, their summer vacations always revolve around the annual Manning Passing Academy…a family-owned and managed football camp that embraces the basic fundamentals of football while catering to the offensive skill positions of RB, TE, WR… and of course QB.

Important Dates

Registration Begins – September 6, 2019

Payment-in-Full for Pre-Registered Campers – June 1, 2020 ($100 late fee thereafter)

Drop From Roster, No Refunds – June 15, 2020

Camp Begins – June 25, 2020

Camp Ends – June 28, 2020

Refunds Processed – August 1, 2020

Team Rates

The MPA does not offer [group] rates, but we do offer TEAM RATES for legitimate junior high and high school teams. Please have the head coach or athletic director contact us directly for your team to attend.

Online registration is not available for teams.

Overnight camper team rates:

7-10 Overnight Campers: $725.00 ea. (Save $25.00 per camper)

11-15 Overnight Campers: $700.00 ea. (Save $50.00 per camper)

16-Up Overnight Campers: $675.00 ea. (Save $75.00 per camper)

Day camper team rates:

7-10 Campers: $525.00 ea. (Save $25.00 per camper)

11-15 Day Campers: $500.00 ea. (Save $50.00 per camper)

16-Up Day Campers: $475.00 ea. (Save $75.00 per camper)

Changing Status

If you choose to change your status from an overnight camper to a day camper, or vice-versa, a $30.00 administrative fee will be added to your balance.

For example: If a camper has paid $550.00 to be a day camper, then decides to switch to an overnight camper (assuming spots remain), they would be charged the $200.00 difference, plus the $30.00 administrative fee for a total of $230.00

If a camper has paid $750.00 to be an overnight camper, then decides to switch to a day camper, they would be charged the $30.00 administrative fee from the amount they’ve over paid, and therefore refunded a total of $170.00


However, we will allow campers to defer their deposit (or their entire tuition) if requested, to the 2021 MPA and we will lock in that rate so there will be no increase. That date is already scheduled for June 24 through June 27 and it includes campers who will have recently graduated in June of 2021.

The $100 non-refundable deposit is a guarantee of your availability to attend this football camp. Based upon your guarantee we hire 125 professional coaches to maintain our better than 10:1 camper to coach ratio. The administrative cost of running a camp is affected every time a camper signs up and then cancels. The forfeiture of deposits due to cancellation offsets the administrative cost incurred by processing campers and the hiring of staff and allows the MPA to keep tuition affordable.

For additional information, please take some time to visit our FAQ page.