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Thibodaux, LA

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The MPA consistently sells out every year, so be sure to sign-up ... before we fill-up.

All registrations include a non-refundable $100 deposit and a non-refundable $20 online registration fee is added at checkout.

Need to confirm your registration or make a balance payment? Use our confirmation page.

Make a balance payment by clicking on the blue button that says, "Make a balance payment" from your confirmation page.

Overnight Camper

The full MPA experience.


Registration is full

What's included

  • All practice sesisons
  • All speaker sessions
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Overnight stay in dorms
  • 3 meals per day

Day Camper

Stay off-campus


Registration is full

What's included

  • All practice sesisons
  • All speaker sessions
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Lunch and dinner only

Registration is Closed

All spots for the 2024 MPA are completely full ... There are simply no space remaining.

The waiting list is the only avenue available to possibly secure a spot, but we cannot promise any will open at all.

We will not know anything about availability until at least May 1, 2024, which is the deadline for all balances to be paid in full before being dropped from the camp roster.

The waiting list is available to receive a notification IF registration opens again.

Completing this form DOES NOT guarantee you a spot at camp, it is only to receive a notification if there are cancellations and spots open. We will go in order of those who sign-up first. First come, first served.

If we make it to the waiting list for overnight spots, priority will be given to anyone who is already registered as a day camper and paid in full.

Our cancellation policy remains the same, all monies are refundable (minus the $100 non-refundable deposit and online registration fee). Money can also be transfered to the 2025 MPA.



The $100 non-refundable deposit is a guarantee of your availability to attend this football camp. Based upon your guarantee we hire 125 professional coaches to maintain our better than 10:1 camper to coach ratio. The administrative cost of running a camp is affected every time a camper signs up and then cancels. The forfeiture of deposits due to cancellation offsets the administrative cost incurred by processing campers and the hiring of staff and allows the MPA to keep tuition affordable.

Balance Payments

To make a balance payment, please visit your confirmation page and click on the blue button that says, "Make a balance payment."

Use our confirmation search to find your camper.

Changing Status

If you choose to change your status from an overnight camper to a day camper, or vice-versa, a $30 administrative fee will be added to your balance.

For example: If a camper has paid $650 to be a day camper, then decides to switch to an overnight camper (assuming spots remain), they would be charged the $250 difference, plus the $30 administrative fee for a total of $280.

If a camper has paid $900 to be an overnight camper, then decides to switch to a day camper, they would be charged the $30 administrative fee from the amount they’ve over paid, and therefore refunded a total of $220.

Changing Positions

You must choose one position for drills/teaching for the duration of the camp. All of our position skills are taught as a progression with each session building on the previous learnings, so attempting to particpate in multiple groups will lead to a poor camp experience and disrupt pairing.

If you need to change your position prior to the start of camp, simply email us at [email protected]

All campers will end up playing more than one position during passing league as needed for their group.